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Man flourishing alone

Can you flourish alone?

By Angus / July 20, 2023

A review of eight flourishing scales has revealed that most components of flourishing do not require social interactions, showing that it is indeed possible to flourish in solitude.

Woman On Mountain

How to Find Significance in Life: Thriving in Solitude Part Three

By Angus / July 6, 2021

Meaning in life research provides several behaviors and beliefs that can help you find significance in life.

Woman Artist In Front Of Painting

Thriving in Solitude Part Two: Purpose

By Angus / June 18, 2021

A sense of purpose helps you live longer, overcome adversity, realize your life goals, and helps you find meaning in life.

Young Woman Journaling

Thriving in Solitude: Making Sense of Your Life

By Angus / June 13, 2021

When you are self-aware and your values and actions are aligned, life makes sense. As a result, you have a more positive outlook, you feel authentic, and you are on the path to meaning.

Independent Woman In Nature

Loneliness Part 2: From Loneliness to Solitude

By Angus / May 30, 2021

Loneliness is a profoundly negative experience. In contrast, solitude can be an extremely positive state of being. Thus, transitioning to solitude may be an effective strategy for those who are struggling with loneliness.

Lonely Man On Pier

Loneliness Part 1: All Alone in a Crowded World

By Angus / May 25, 2021

If you are lonely, know that you aren’t alone. Despite being more connected than ever, we are experiencing a loneliness epidemic.