Woman About To Lift

Woman About To Lift

Woman About To Lift

Woman Impact Training

How to Dodge the Frailty Bullet

Impact training combined with lifting weights is highly effective for increasing bone density and muscle mass in both young and older adults.

Happy Woman Ceo

How to Build a Strategic Mindset

Developing a strategic mindset helps you achieve your life goals across a range of settings, including academic, professional, and health.

Boy And Dog

Dogs Make Kids More Resilient

New research demonstrates the positive role dogs have on the social and emotional development of children aged 2-5 years.

Woman Doing Pushups Outside

Building Strong Bones: Upper Body

The combination of resistance and impact training can preserve and perhaps even improve the strength of your bones as you get older.

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Building Resilient Communities

During times of societal division and discord, we recommend that you strengthen your social connections, look for opportunities to support and build the resilience of your community, and methodically improve your collective sensemaking.

Woman Training Under Hot Sun

How to Avoid Heat Rash this Summer

30% of people living in the tropic or regions where the summer is hot and humid suffer from heat rash. Dilute bleach baths are a useful approach to help keep your skin healthy during the summer heat.

Plyometric Sunrise

Four Lifestyle Interventions for Healthy Bones

Four safe, simple, and effective lifestyle interventions can maintain and possibly increase your bone density, muscle mass and muscle function into old age.

Purpose Main Image

The Purpose Domain of Everyday Resilience

Having a sense of purpose and diligently working towards the defined goals that underpin the achievement of that purpose is a powerful contributor to your overall resilience.

Serene Beautiful Older Woman

The Spirit Domain of Everyday Resilience

In this article we consider how to employ the inherently emotional side of your nature (your ‘Spirit’) and harness its energy towards enhancing your everyday resilience.

Woman Yoga Pose Looking At Ocean

Using Yoga to build a Resilient Mind

Long-term yoga practice has been shown to preserve the structure of your brain and increase the connectivity of your neural networks. This, in turn, helps protect your precious cognitive abilities against the ravages of old age.