Dave has a highly successful background in the government, corporate, entrepreneurial, and not for profit sectors. All that aside, Dave is best known as a quiet guy with an unembarrassed love of the mountains, a passion for protecting animals, and as being a great support crew for his wife during her marathon running.

Drinking Tea With Mom Is Fun. Little Girl.

Why Kids Still Need Their Parents

By David / February 8, 2021

Children who feel unconditional acceptance from parents are better able to overcome performance pressure and social media influence.

Child Studying

Resilience and Academic Performance in Children

By David / December 11, 2020

You need to build your children’s resilience so they can adapt and thrive in a complex and uncertain world.

Child Playing With Dog Outside

Play Outside for Healthy Eyes

By David / December 1, 2020

Your child’s eyes need exposure to the sun-lit outdoors and opportunities to look into the middle distance to grow and develop correctly.