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Exercise for a Resilient Mind

To help you maintain a resilient mind, we outline how to use exercise to keep your brain healthy.

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Six Ways to Preserve Cognitive Function

Cognitive decline is considered to be a normal part of growing old. However, recent studies challenge the long-standing paradigm that steady cognitive decline is an inevitable part of the aging process.

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Three Strategies to Mitigate Cognitive Decline

There exist highly effective compensation strategies that can help you mitigate, and in many cases overcome, your cognitive limitations.

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Strong Calves for Safe Running

Calf muscle strains are common and can lead to a significant time spent injured. A calf training program that includes jump rope, high-rep calf raises and heavy calf raises helps prevent running-related calf injuries.

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Strong Hamstrings for Safe Sprinting

Eccentric hamstring training is a proven method to reduce hamstring injury while running fast.

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How to Sprint Safely

Healthy adults can sprint safely if they build a strong aerobic and strength base, strengthen their hamstring and calf muscles, and apply a sub-maximal approach to sprint training.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Sprint

Sprinting increases endurance, speed, strength, agility, explosive power, bone density and time to exhaustion. It also reduces the chance of premature death.

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The Five Pillars of Successful Aging

Multiple fields of research have converged on one conclusion. Five simple, cheap and effective lifestyle interventions improve your chance of aging successfully and living a long, healthy and fulfilling life.

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Successful Aging

While mortality remains a brute fact of our existence, the science of aging suggests that we may be able to increase our lifespan and delay age-related physical and mental decline until the very last stage of life.

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